Rackspace updated its cloud

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Exactly two years ago, in July 2010, the Rackspace company with NASA announced the discovery of the source code of their projects (Rackspace Cloud Files and Nebula respectively) which became the basis for the open cloud OpenStack operating system. During this time nearly two hundred companies joined the initiative including such giants as Akamai, AT&T, Dell, IBM, HP and Canonical.

A lot of companies are already using OpenStack in their clouds (for example, Deutsche Telekom, in Russia – Selectel), now the company has announced about moving its cloud infrastructure to the open platform (more exactly since the 1st of August).

The new generation of cloud infrastructure of Rackspace allows its customers not to be tied up to the specific vendor of cloud solutions and if necessary, quickly change one OpenStack cloud to another. Actually this is the main advantage of the OpenStack platform itself – possibility of choice and smooth movement through the hosting providers. In addition, the increase of the API speed and creation of processes, and scaling of servers were declared. President of Rackspace company in his blog especially emphasizes the advantage of the open platform as the ability to quickly implement new solutions in the area of cloud computing through the active and fast-growing community.

The updated cloud has been called as “Open Cloud” and got a new control panel. For today the improvements touched only the US data centers, all the rest will be updated soon.

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